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Personal Injury

Auto Accidents & Motorcycle Accidents
Bicycle vs. Auto
Pedestrian vs. Auto
Dog Bites & Animal Attacks

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Criminal Defense

DUI (Drunk Driving)
Shoplifting, Petty Theft & Grand Theft
Drug Possession
Prostitution & Solicitation

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About Sylvia

Learn more about Sylvia V. Gonzalez and her experience.

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Why Choose Sylvia V. Gonzalez to be Your Attorney?
We all have to deal with legal problems at some point in our lives. Sometimes you can handle the problems yourself. But when you are faced with a serious criminal matter or injuries suffered in an incident caused by another person’s negligence, you need sound advice from a competent and experienced lawyer.

You have plenty of lawyers from which to choose. So why choose the Law Offices of Sylvia V. Gonzalez to represent you? What sets Sylvia V. Gonzalez apart from other attorneys?

  1. Sylvia V. Gonzalez will give you the personal attention required.
    If you call my office and request to speak to me, if I am available, I will speak to you and personally answer your questions. Many people have told me that when they were represented by a lawyer, they never spoke to their lawyer and were only able to contact the paralegal or secretary. That is not my philosophy. I feel that it is important to have a personal relationship with each of my clients and for my clients to know that they can contact me with any concerns regarding their case. I am also available for an in-person meeting by appointment.
  2. Sylvia V. Gonzalez will give your case her personal attention.
    I personally handle each and every case. I go to court as well as make phone calls to opposing counsel and insurance companies. All attorneys and insurance companies know that a competent attorney is handling your case and that your case is not being handled by a non-lawyer secretary or paralegal.
  3. Sylvia V. Gonzalez has settled over 400 Personal Injury cases.
    In my practice I have settled over 400 Personal Injury cases and have gained an enormous amount of valuable experience in handling Personal Injury cases successfully. I know how to communicate with insurance adjusters and defense attorneys so that the cases are concluded to my clients’ satisfaction.
  4. Sylvia V. Gonzalez continues to educate herself regarding legal issues.
    I take classes in Personal Injury and Criminal Defense in order to effectively and successfully represent each and every client. I personally research legal issues to stay updated.
  5. Sylvia V. Gonzalez will always tell you the truth.
    Integrity and honesty are very important qualities in an attorney. I am always truthful with my clients even if it is something that they do not want to hear. There are many lawyers who will lie to get business or to keep their clients happy. I will not lie and you can always count on me to be honest.

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